In this zombie role play, the survivors, after nearly a year of fighting off the undead, decide to settle down and reclaim what used to be. Can they survive and bring back civilization?
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 Mia Flores

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PostSubject: Mia Flores   3/26/2011, 9:35 pm

Name: Mia Flores

Age: 17

Gender: Female

DoB: July 12th


Any prior relations to any other survivors: None, other than Ethan being her brother.

Family: Ethan Flores

Skills: Can cook well, is an okay builder. Still not good at shooting, though a lot of improvment has been shown since the beginning.

History: Mia was born in Brandon, New York, three years after her brother. She grew up in a pretty happy and normal family, though her mom was a great cook. This was passed on to Mia after years of cooking. By the time the disease hit, she was still in Brandon trying to finish her last year of high school. Unfortunately, her parents didn't survive the first wave of the disease which killed them. After that, her and her brother Ethan escaped and drove as far south as they could, hoping to find a better place, or at least a better place with a climate. When they finally found a place that seemed to have a reasonably low amount of zombies, they started to set up the establishment of New Hope, their last hope at rebuilding.

Any extra information: None to be said.
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Mia Flores
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