In this zombie role play, the survivors, after nearly a year of fighting off the undead, decide to settle down and reclaim what used to be. Can they survive and bring back civilization?
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 Character Template Thread

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Boilin' Sugar
Boilin' Sugar

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PostSubject: Character Template Thread   3/26/2011, 7:55 pm


Age: (Optional)


DoB: (Optional)


Any prior relations to any other survivors:

Family: (Of course, optional)


History" (optional)

Any extra information:


To save you the trouble, I'm going to post it here, too, that you should copy this template, make a thread with your character's name, and fill it out there. Don't immediately jump in, because we of course want to check that everything is okay.
Obviously, the fields marked with '(optional)' are, well, optional, and you're not inclined to do them. Have fun with it!
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Character Template Thread
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